Thycke Girl Productions (TGP) is four FemalePreneurs from different professional backgrounds, that through other projects formed a sisterhood, and in 2017 decided to stretch their creative imagination and create a production company where women could come together to create productions that uplift, inspire, tell the stories & truths of today’s woman, and to Entertain!

In addition to their business acumen and God's gift to create, they have been professionally trained in various areas of the Arts (acting, dance, modeling, music, and creative writing).

TGP launched with the original stage play, Diary of a Thycke Girl. Diary of Thycke Girl hit the stage twice in 2017 and came back in 2018 by popular demand. All the shows were sold out and received rave reviews. 

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The Phenomenal Four - The Founders of TGP

Brandee Dyson


Director and Writer 

Kaya Rainey


Director and Creative Director

Trina Jackson


Director and Producer 

Yolanda Givens


Director and Executive Producer

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The TGP Team

Latrice Thompson, Executive Assistant

Danjal Reynolds, Production Assistant